Our Story

We are Heartwood Custom Milling & Design, a high-end custom furniture designer and lumber wholesaler. Our team, consisting of approximately 25-30 skilled individuals, is the driving force behind our creative endeavours.

Our home base is in the picturesque town of Port Alberni. We take pride in being the go-to source for exceptional furniture and lumber on Vancouver Island, catering not only to the locales of Nanaimo and Victoria but also extending our reach to the dynamic Greater Vancouver Area and the Lower Mainland.

In addition to our impressive variety of materials, we’ll be offering custom live edge tables, coffee tables, exquisite hardwood flooring, and other high-end building materials such as Timbers and soffit, all crafted from a diverse range of lumber.

Our specialty lies in slabs – we are the premier source for slabs on the West Coast. Our process involves sourcing larger sound logs and transforming them into beautiful, substantial slabs perfect for dining tables, bar tops, or even conference room tables.

One of the factors that set us apart is our in-house kiln. All our products undergo the drying process in our specialized kiln. This means you can rely on our products to be dry and ready for the finishing touches when you pick them up or have them delivered.

More than just a business, our commitment extends to maintaining a high standard of environmental stewardship. We are dedicated to successfully operating our business while nurturing a legacy of environmentally responsible forestry that will endure for generations to come.